Tuesday, June 2, 2009

holy crap

ok, the pictures below tell a beautiful story, so I won't ruin it by telling you the utter insanity that was our day and that will be our lives from here on out.  Ryan's care needs are overwhelming--not to mention that he's changed from the happiest baby in the NICU to the crabbiest baby ever.  Please understand, however, that we are THRILLED beyond words to have him home.  it's just scary.

OK, enough reality...let us go back to the loveliness that these picture attempt to convey.

first time off monitors

ready to go!

holy crap we have 2 babies...at the same time!

last few minutes in the NICU

home at last

our IV room at home


  1. Congrats on having the entire family home. That second to last picture is priceless. And the smiles on your two faces in the other are fabulous. We love, love, love you guys... Ryan and Nora (and Caitlin) have the best parents ever. I have no doubt in your strength, wisdom and ability -- be it your own or that which may be borrowed from other sources at times -- to see this through.

    Auntie Joanie

  2. Your family is HOME!!! Congratulations :)


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  4. congratulations, jessica & john- what a huge, long awaited milestone. so wonderful to see you all out of that hospital!

  5. Congrats!!! that is such wonderful news. God bless your beautifule family!

  6. WOOHOO!!!! :) Wonderful news!!

  7. Finally all together! I am pretty sure you have what it takes to make Ryans needs at home work for your family. It will work out.

  8. Thank God! Congratulations you guys.

  9. What wonderful news! I know you must be overwhelmed, tired, exhausted, excited, happy, scared, tired, tired, tired...and very happy that your family is together!

    I will be praying for your peace, sanity, rest, patience, tolerance and everything else that God KNOWS you need to be the parent and spouse you need to be right now.

    May you be filled with the Grace and peace of God.

    I really wish that we were closer so I could jump in and help. Hugs and love to you all.


  10. Congratulations Jessica and John! What wonderful news that you family is all together and whole!
    We have no doubts that you guys will do very well now that everyone is together.
    Love to all!!
    Vin, Sherry and Rawson

  11. Congrats on the reuniting of your family.

  12. We realize that having the twins home is wonderful yet overwhelming. We all wish that your situation were different. We can only hope that you can draw strength everyday from the little things that happen around you…babies’ smiles, Caitlin’s eagerness to hold and cuddle, John’s rushing home to stare at his darlings and Jessica’s inner glow as she nurses her baby loves. We admire your strength and courage.

  13. congrats! Having all home is so much of a blessing for you guys after all you have done.

  14. What a beautiful family!! We are so happy to hear they are finally home. Just remember, John and I are only a phone call away if you need ANYTHING!! Even if its taking Caitlyn to the park to get out of the house...Ryland would love a playmate. Please do not hesitate to call.