Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Surgery went well.  Thank God.
Ryan's intestines are back in one piece.  He was stable throughout the surgery--little blood loss and did well from a respiratory standpoint.  They remeasured his small intestines and he has about 5 cm more than he did 8 weeks ago which is good news...unfortunately the process of measuring is a rough one to recover from, and I was told they would not be doing it, so I sure hope it doesn't cause him too much pain.  They also did a liver biopsy.

He looks great postoperatively...we got to see him around 6pm when he was back in the NICU.  He is still on the ventilator, but was awake and looked good-way better than John, Ryan's nurse, or I thought he'd look.  He was in some pain, tonight will be all about making him comfortable so he can rest.  He is breathing above the ventilator and not requiring any oxygen--I hope he can get off the ventilator soon (last thing we need is another pneumonia).

So, we are relieved--it seems like now finally, we can work on getting him home.  It'll still be quite a while from now, but today was a big milestone completed.  Thanks for cheering him on and for all your prayers about this important surgical day.


  1. so relieved, jessica and john!!! i'm so grateful everything went well today...and i'll keep praying for a speedy and pain-free recovery for ryan.

  2. oh, thank God. thank you for posting.

  3. Thank you God.

    Prayers continue for a speedy and pain free recovery.


  4. so glad to hear this. been thinking of you all. We'll continue to pray for a pain-free recovery for him (and you all!!!).

  5. It is after 3 am, but am thrilled to check and hear the news is positive for you and yours. Praise God. God is so faithful. May Ryan and his family rest well tonight. We send our love and prayers, The Florida Botts