Wednesday, May 20, 2009

updates...and more cuteness

Ryan--"D" word's being thrown know?  rhymes with gischarge....
John and I are getting trained on mixing the TPN at home, running the iv and gtube pumps and caring for Ryan's central line.  Ryan's back to getting a tiny bit of food by bottle and has become a bit more expressive since his surgery and I really don't think it's pain anymore, I think he's just mad--wants to be fed and cuddled and have a clean diaper like any baby would.

Nora--eating well.  overall a great baby. eyes slightly better.  the ophthy doc said "well, her eyes are a bit better.  no surgery this week anyway." needless to say, we go back next week for another awful, traumatic ROP exam.


  1. so sweet and adorable! i love seeing pictures of them. They are just so beautiful.

  2. Ryan looks so happy in those picutres, until the last one...I think maybe Daddy came in and told him a joke!

    We are thanking God here everyday for those two cutie pies!

    Max and Ian were jumping for joy when I told them that Ryan might be coming home soon. Their first question was: "Can they come over to our house?" I said that it might be a while before their parents are ready to take them on a trip to Virginia! ;)

    Prayers continue here for all of you!

    love and hugs,


  3. Is it me or does everybody look just like their mommy? :) They are so cute! Thinking of you.