Sunday, April 5, 2009

Call in the Pinch Hitter...

From Daddy:  After 41 consecutive days going to the hospital, management talked our star player Jess into taking a day off (and spending it with Caitlin who was clearly showing signs of needing a "Mom day"). 

So, they called up the pinch hitter and sent in Daddy to run the bases at the hospital today. I know that management had their doubts, but this wasn't Daddy's first time playing up in the big leagues.

But, it was a lot of responsibility-- Ryan needed a bath, both of them needed to be held, questions needed to be asked of surgeons, neonatologists and nurses, and fresh milk needed to be delivered. Not to mention in the middle of it all, they decided today would be the day that Ryan would get his first feed via bottle. 

But now that all the dust has settled, I gotta' say that I think I did a pretty darn good job up there today. It got a little hectic at times, like when I scrubbed in on Ryan's ostomy bag change (ok, I held his leg so he didn't kick them while they changed the bag), but I passed all the tests with flying colors. Who says that a man can't be nurturing? So, to all the dads who read this, this wasn't just a victory for this dad, but for all us!

But seriously, Ryan is up to 5 ml per hour, and they stopped his pump for one hour to let me try giving him 5 ml via bottle. He did take 2 ml and then got tired. But 5 ml/hr means that he was receiving more nutrition enterally than via TPN. I'm very proud. They are having a hard time keeping his ostomy bag from leaking because of a gap at his nearby incision site.

Nora starts feeding again tomorrow. She has some swelling in her legs that they say is just something that happens to premies--we get that answer for a lot of things it seems. 

Lots of tests for both of them tomorrow (head ultrasound for Nora and follow-up eye exams, i think)--and Mom is back on the job.


  1. Yay for Daddy!!! I'll tell you, as the mom of 4 month old twins and a 3 yr old daughter - my husband is extremely good at nurturing them. If someone ever told him he couldn't handle our kids all alone he would be insulted. Dads rock!!

    Jess - glad you got to spend some one on one time with Caitlin - that is HUGE and so important for both of you!!


  2. Big pat on the back to you John!

    Dads CAN do this and should...glad that you experienced it and that Jess and Caitlin had some time together. I bet Jess missed them like crazy!

    Prayers continue here...always.


  3. Way to go, Daddy! We knew you could handle it!