Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday's update

-once a day over the past 3 days, Ryan has taken a small amount of his food by bottle--he seems to do well with it as far as tolerating it coming all at once (vs. slowly infusing through the feeding tube), but is not very vigorous at sucking right now, so he only has done it once per day.  Ryan is now up to 10mL/hr on his tube feeding and an order was written to DC the TPN sometime this evening, so that is good--we definately thought we'd be celebrating this... Unfortunately, his bilirubin is really high and he is acting quite lethargic and weak--definately changed over the past 24-36 hours i think.  still hasn't gained any weight--has been 4 lbs 2 ounces for over a week.  so the lethargy can be infection, anemia, the jaundice/liver stuff, or some combination of the above--please pray he is OK. 

-Nora is tolerating her milk OK, mostly taking all of it via bottle--she is now a "feeder/grower" according to the neonatologist--basically meaning, she needs to demonstrate that she can take in all her calories via nursing or bottle and be gaining good weight and then she can go home provided there are no more set backs.  She is currently getting about 1/2 her calories from milk and 1/2 from the TPN.  She is up to 4 pounds 8 ounces.  still hasn't pooped since she started eating again on Monday, so of course, i'm worried about that still.  she doesn't seem uncomfortable though.
-both passed their hearing tests this week too and both are caffeine-free and breathing easy.

So, we are thankful for the strides forward, but still have much to pray for.

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  1. Our prayers for Nora and Ryan continue.
    As well as our prayers for both of you and Caitlin also.
    Love, Nana and Grandpa Wayne