Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesdays update

Babies are 36.5 weeks (their due date is in 3.5 weeks on 5-17-09)

Ryan's bilirubin was down again yesterday--now his total bilirubin is 9.6 (direct is 6 point something)--so it's about 1/2 what it was a week prior.   the trend is good.  he looks much healthier.  Ryan's now 4 pounds 14 ounces.  His feeds are down to 5 mL/hr--I don't want to even attempt to explain why b/c it's a long story, but the bottom line is that he is probably fine and they expect to go right back up to 8mL/hr over the next couple days.  He's on vitamin A and D supplements now and they've done some tests to determine that he is not absorbing as much of the carb/sugars as he needs from his formula---not surprising, but we'd certainly hoped for some good surprises (we still will).   We continue to pray his intestines will grow and adapt and be able to handle absorbing all the calories he needs to grow and be healthy.  He has another eye exam tomorrow.

Nora's on her 3rd day of taking in all her calories via her bottle--her n-g tube's been out since early Monday morning.  she is burping and pooping and sleeping and complaining like a regular newborn.   She is also 4 pounds 14 ounces.  Her next eye exam is tomorrow.  She also will have her carseat test tomorrow.  At home, we have washed the crib sheets and newborn girl clothes, sterilized the bottles and washed the bouncy seat cushion, set up a changing station in the family room, installed the carseat in the car, set up the bassinet in our room, plugged the monitor back in, washed burp cloths.  All we have to do is buy lots of Purell and a can of Neosure to fortify her bottles of milk.  here's hoping.....


  1. how did the carseat test go? so happy to hear about their weight gain! They're the same weight now! Love and hugs, Steph.

  2. Hi.

    Still praying for you.

    Don't forget I live 1 minute from your house, let me know if you need anything.