Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday 4-11-09 (Happy Birthday, Grandpa Buddy)

some good updates: Ryan was acting more like his usual self today, which means I will sleep better tonight than I did last night.  He got a transfusion this morning, so his color looks better.  He was awake and alert for quite a while today, sucked down a bottle like no big deal and wanted more--lots of good eye contact as well--lots of cuddles from me today for him.  TPN is OFF!   oh yea, and he did have a weight gain today, finally.  He wasn't tolerating his food as well as we were hoping yesterday, so they didn't increase his rate of feeds--it's still at 10mL/hr.  But today, he looked like he was doing better, so we'll see what they do tomorrow.  They also did blood cultures today to see if he has an infection since he was acting off yesterday.

Nora pooped!  she seems more restful today--she was crabby and fussy yesterday, I think from working on that poop.  She is getting about 60% of her calories via milk and the TPN should be turned off by Monday if she continues at her current pace.

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  1. They are getting so big! And really, they couldn't be any cuter. Oh my goodness.

    Love you guys! XOXO