Wednesday, April 8, 2009

wednesday updates

we have much to thank God for: 
-Ryan is up to 8 ml/Hr of formula--this is nearly full feeds for him--maybe 75% of the goal or so.
-During an xray of his colon yesterday, his surgeon said  that there's definately more colon there than he remembered from the surgery day.
-Nora is a good bottle feeder (though she's not getting much each feed as they are starting slowly) and nurser
-Another normal cranial ultrasound for Nora on Monday
-Improved eye exam for Ryan (he went from having "stage 1 ROP" to having "stage 0 ROP")
-Unchanged eye exam for Nora ("stage 0 ROP")

Here is what we are praying for:
-Ryan would continue to tolerate his increased food and remain infection-free
-Ryan would start gaining weight again
-Nora would poop and continue to be a strong eater, tolerating her milk and remain infection-free

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