Thursday, April 23, 2009

a few more gray hairs today....

..thanks to Ryan, I have aged another few years.  He is doing funky things again and now they decreased his feeding to 4mL/hr.  more TPN.   I asked today why he could tolerate 9mL/hr a week and a half ago and now he can't tolerate 6ml/hr.  no good answer--they don't know--it just happens.  It could be that the antibiotics he's on are causing him to lose some of the healthy bacteria, so maybe this dumping/diarrhea will improve now that he's off them.  Thankfully, they don't think he's infected right now, so it's something else.  So, now I'm going to push for an answer on the Omegaven question.   His labs looked good today-a repeat study of his stool showed that he is indeed absorbing the sugars they want him to now (this is an improvement) and his bilirubin is down another hair.  Ryan also has a fractured rib.  This part just breaks my heart.

Nora was cold last night, so now we have to work on keeping her from getting cold before she can go home.  She passed her carseat test and is eating way more than her minimum.

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