Friday, February 27, 2009

brain ultrasound results

Neither baby is having any bleeding in the brain! we are so thankful. Ryans ultrasound was perfect. Nora's showed no bleeding but something that is either "artifact" (which means that it's nothing, essentially) vs. an early marker of cerebral palsy. They are not worried about it right now and think it's more likely artifact, but since premature twins are at high risk of CP, this is something to follow-up on. They will get another ultrasound at 28 days of life (in 3 weeks), so we'll know more then.

Otherwise, Ryan's now getting cannula trials and did well today for 2 hours. Both babies are moving their milk through their gut, so that's good. Nora nearly pooped right in my hand as I was changing her diaper.
We got some nice pictures today of Ryan since he had his CPAP contraption off for a while. We also caught Nora being a stinker and pulling her o-g tube out--we'll post pictures when we get home.

Neither of us slept well last night--I had a nightmare that Ryan's alarms were going off and he wasn't breathing and no one was helping him--ugh, it's all starting to catch up with us. Hopefully we'll rest better tonight.

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  1. John, I am so glad the babies are doing better. Thanks for keeping us updated on their progress. I can't wait to see the new pictures. I hope you and Jessica get some sleep tonight.