Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesday's update

Last night was my first night home--it went OK. at least I slept. It's tough to leave them here, but it's a reality we'll have to get used to.

Today, when we arrived, they said that after 2 doses of indomethacin, they can no longer hear Ryan's murmur! so that's promising--they'll do an ECHO tomorrow to verify the PDA closed after the 3rd dose. Once the PDA is closed, they'll start the o-g tube feeds. Also, Ryan is under the bilirubin lights today.

Nora hadn't gotten her 2nd dose of indomethacin yet by the time we arrived this morning b/c her urine output decreased so much from the indomethacin (expected side effect). so, now she's peeing again and is getting her second dose of indomethacin. Good news is that when the med makes them decrease their urine output, it's usually a sign that it's going to do the trick for the PDA, according to the neonatologist. Anyway, Nora still has an audible murmur, but it's much quieter than yesterday, which may be a sign that it's shrinking. Again, she'll get a total of 3 doses of indomethacin and then will be rechecked with an ECHO tomorrow morning. She's back on CPAP due to the PDA, but once that's cured, she'll go back on her cannula trials and feeds. Nora's off the bili lights, but it will probably be something she's on-and-off of throughout her stay here.

Please pray for:
-the PDAs to close by tomorrow
-continued good progress on their respiratory status
-john and I not to feel guilty as we juggle daily NICU trips with trying to meet Caitlin's needs and, of course, keep our marriage in a good place.

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