Saturday, February 28, 2009

From Daddy: Only God knows how many people have been praying for these two babies and our family this week, but we have seen and heard an amazing show of support. We enlisted the prayers of our close friends and family, our co-workers and close contacts, and they in turn enlisted the help of their friends and family and so on. So that you all know--these prayers are being answered in amazing ways.

Though we have many "rivers to cross" and fear creeps up from time to time, I feel bolstered by all these prayers. I have taken the practice of quietly reading the Psalms to Nora and Ryan and this is what jumped off the pages today:

"Lord you have assigned me my portion and my cup; you have made my lot secure. The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; surely I have a delightful inheritance."

Praise to God for all the help, especially the family members that have pitched in to take care of Caitlin, the close friends (and mere acquaintances) that have brought/sent food, co-workers that covered for us, and myriad other things, but mostly the prayers on our behalf.

Visitors Saturday: none
Visitors Sunday: nana, grandpa, petra, jamie, jaimie, amy l


  1. Continuing prayers for your family. Wish we were closer, but you are on our minds and in our prayers. Can't wait to meet these littel gifts from God!!

    (((HUGS)))to you both...Jody

  2. Hi John and Jess, Ever since Tony let us know about the babies Ive been reading your blog. Your babies are absolutely beautiful. We are keeping you all in are prayers, but im sure they are going to be just fine. Take care, Love Ron and Pat

  3. John and Jessica,
    The Open Arms family continues to pray for you and Nora and Ryan. Thank you for the blogs. They are a wonderful way to keep us updated for prayers and they are a wonderful testimony of your faith in Christ. Nora and Ryan are fulfilling the highest calling of mankind ... they are glorifying God as people bend their knees to call upon Him in their behalf.
    Peace in Christ,
    Pastor Jim and the Open Arms Family

  4. Just found out about your blog from Jody (I am Kathy, don't know if you got a message for you I sent her. Don't bother answering, I know you are busy!)
    Your babies are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hair! And long fingers!
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the kangaroo pics!
    I have a strong sense that all will be fine.
    And I read (briefly) all your posts, I DO think God had a plan of why they were born when they were...
    Prayers continue!
    Yours in Christ,

  5. I think my above comment come from my daughter's account, somehojw I screwed up and my account here is her Goggle account. But it IS me, Kathy, the mom!
    Just to clear it up...