Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday, Feb 23, 2009--NOTHING BUT GOOD NEWS

Happy Birthday Daddy!
Your birthday gift: Ryan was extubated this morning and is doing well on CPAP!!!! surprise! Ryan also got a transfusion this morning which is apparent with his improved color and his ease of breathing compared to yesterday. Word on the street is that his arterial line will come out tomorrow and we will be able to hold him, which we are so so so looking forward to. He was on decreasing oxygen throughout the day and when I went in at 10pm to check on them, he was essentially on room air--great progress, but his O2 sats aren't ideal--hopefully they'll improve. The respiratory therapist told us that little caucasian preemie boys are known to be "wimpy" with regard to their respiratory status early on, so she's not surprised he's lagging a bit behind his sister.
Nora is a little spitfire--she continues to tug at her CPAP and complain when she is uncomfortable. She has got a nice set of lungs on her and can complain nice a loud to let everyone know. she takes comfort in her pacifier and LOVES her kangaroo time with mom and dad. During kangaroo time, she is just on a nasal canula (they take off the CPAP) and she has 95-100% O2 sats the whole time, so they are going to give her a few 2-3 hour-long trials of just the nasal canula tomorrow--she is really showing great improvement since her transfusion as well, but we are warned that she will likely need another at some point. this morning she was under the bilirubin lights, and that will be something she'll be on intermittently for quite a while.

Caitlin got to see the babies in person today, but no touching yet as she still has a hint of a runny nose. She is a very proud big sister.
so, really nothing but good news today!

Visitors today: Julie, Amy and Phil, Caitlin

Prayer requests:
-mommy's milk comes in so that both babies can get the good stuff.
-Ryan is able to wean off the O2 and get that arterial line out so that we can hold him
-Nora does well tomorrow with the nasal canula trials
-Both tolerate breastmilk
-blessings to the FABULOUS hospital staff that is taking great care of these babies.

Here's daddy's first kangaroo time with Nora (she had her CPAP contraption on):

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