Friday, February 27, 2009

Pictures from today

A few posts down I shared about our day today.  Here are some pictures, as requested by many :)  enjoy!

First is Ryan--he did awesome on the cannula today--he even took off the cannula during his brain ultrasound and was perfectly fine for a few minutes--the doc was impressed.  He earned 2 cannula trials a day for 3 hours each by doing that (they weren't inclined to do it previously, but now he's doing just as well as Nora is, so they are on the same schedule of cannula trials).

I got to hold him today without the CPAP, so it was the first time I've seen his face since Saturday.  His face gets really puffy from the CPAP. (ignore my 87 chins)

Next is Miss Nora--take note of how the o-g tube goes in her mouth...

Here she is with her o-g tube in her hand!  (you can see it sticking straight up in the air).  The nurse had just replaced it 10 minutes prior b/c she pulled it out.  Notice all the comfort objects--they do that to help her feel nice and snug.
As promised, the teeny-tiny preemie diaper in John's hand.

Visitors today: Cassie and big sister Caitlin


  1. The pictures are wonderful! Nora and Ryan are so precious.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to keep us updated via the blog, and for posting these photos. I cannot wait to meet my nephew and neice. Soren says, "Keep being strong, little cousins."

  3. Jess and John--Nora and Ryan are so very beautiful and precious, two absolute gifts from God. I am praying they continue to thrive. Thank you for letting us know they arrived. Vin and I will continue to check in on their blog--and we can't wait to meet them!