Monday, March 2, 2009

From Daddy: It seems that our little Nora has gotten a reputation for being feisty. Although they originally wanted to have her go part time cannula part time CPAP, Nora would have nothing of the CPAP. They tried putting her back on the CPAP and she threw such a fit that it was defeating their oxygen goals anyway. So...they put her back on the cannula and she has been fine ever since (it's been 48 hours now). This morning as the docs and nurses were all doing rounds the NP called it this way, "by her choice, Nora is exclusively on cannula."

Additionally, to all the nurses' dismay she has figured out how to turn from her belly to her side, which prompted the NP to jibe, "that's impossible for your gestational age!"She has pulled out her feeding tube four or five times (once with just her tongue and lips). Her nurse said, "uh-oh, you're a bad girl Nora." To which I quickly responded, "she's not a bad girl, she just makes some bad choices." This won't bode well for me when she is two, but will come in handy when she is a teenager and needs to set some boundaries with the boys!

Ryan, on the other hand, well, he is just laid back like me.

Both babies are making good progress, eating a little more, breathing a little better, and fighting their nurses a little harder. (The nurses here are very gracious and appreciate the spunk.)

Meanwhile, a special thanks to Uncle Dan who took on a weekend watching Caitlin so we could come up here unfettered. Both child and caretaker (I'll let you figure out which one was which) came out of the experience all the better for it.

Visitors: Katherine

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  1. Uncle Vern and I just returned from a five week trip to New Zealand so couldn't check your blog but now that we am back we will be checking it frequently. The twins are so sweet and Catlin's pictures are precious. We try to understand the situation you are in but of course we can't. Please know that you are in our prayers and thoughts. Love, Uncle Vern and Aunt Marion