Tuesday, March 17, 2009

change of plans

No brain scans this week--they are being postponed for another 2.5 weeks--no new date yet.  The current attending physician says that doing them now won't change their management and they'll need to be done again in 2-3 weeks anyway.  That's not bad news or good news.  I guess it's one less thing to worry about this week though.

They have eye exams coming up on the 25th.  checking for ROP, I presume, though I haven't asked if they're looking for anything else.  Let's be praying for miraculous, unremarkable exams.

Ryan is doing great on 1.5 L of flow via cannula.  Nora had to be turned back up to 1L as she didn't tolerate the decrease they tried yesterday--they'll try again in a few days.  Both babies did well nursing today.  Nora, in particular, nursed for 15 minutes--their nurse said that's better than many fullterm newborns--it takes a lot of energy and coordination to do all of it, especially in babies that can't breathe totally independently without trying to suck and swallow at the same time....so they can only try once per day right now and both babies need additional oxygen while they try to nurse otherwise their oxygen levels drop too low.  next week we'll try twice/day/kid.  once they get nursing established, they'll start on bottles and transition off the n-g tube feeds over the course of many weeks.

both parents are exhausted. i can't think of anything else right now.  thanks for reading and praying and supporting all of us.

Don't forget the March for Babies--- click here to donate or join our team.  i've been asked to clarify that this money does not go to our family.  It goes to the March of Dimes.  The walk used to be called WalkAmerica--I remember doing this walk with my mom as a kid.

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