Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday's update

IVs are OUT!  if you go back and look at the pictures, you can see that Ryan had a PICC line in his right leg for TPN and Nora had one in her right arm--no more!  they are IV-less as of this afternoon and just on oral feeds now.  They were both weighed and are now 2# 15 oz each (no gain for Nora--small gain for Ryan), which was a bit disappointing, so they are now adding more calories to each feeding.  They will continue to get weighed every 2 days.  They are too cute in their preemie clothes, which really are too big for them--I'll try to get a picture soon.

So now, they are working on growing bigger to put on weight and growing older so that they get better at breathing.  I'm told that in about 1 week or so (around 32 weeks gestation) we will attempt nursing a couple times a day with each baby. Right now they are getting pacifiers during their n-g tube feedings so that they can associate sucking with a full belly--they are both demonstrating a strong suck, so that is really good.

Lastly, both are due for their second routine ultrasound of their brains in 1 week (on the 19th)--the doctors are looking for evidence of PVL--I would by lying if I said I wasn't worried about this--I think, particularly with Nora, since she was so sick immediately when she was born--I worry that she was deprived of oxygen for some time--I've asked the neonatologist about this and he didn't really comment either way. he thinks the risks of PVL at their gestational age is only about 1%.  Anyway, we could really use prayers for this--i'll be sure to mention it again as the dates approach.

Also, I'm still in need of teammates for the March of Dimes March for Babies---I have a three-person team right now and we can definitely do better.  It's a family affair, so bring the kids--it starts at 9am, so should be over by naptime, right? see the entry below for further information.  I would do a better job of trying to get participants, but I'm not very creative right now (or ever, really, if you know me) and I'm tired, so I'll just continue begging--PLEEEEASE???!!!


  1. Grow babies grow!!! I am so happy they are doing so well.

  2. John & Jessica,

    We are praying for Nora and Ryan and both of you and Caitlin.

    Love, Grandma Nana (new name Caitlin gave to me today) and Grandpa Wayne

  3. i am so happy to hear about the lack of iv's!! how wonderful:) i will pray for their brain ultrasounds to be normal and for you to not worry too much about it in the next week (easier said than done, i realize).

    re: your team - i think my mom will be walking, as well (and perhaps 1 or 2 of my sisters).

    i'll be visiting soon:) take care of yourself.

    carrie lewis