Saturday, March 28, 2009


our first boring day in a while, thank God. no changes so far, really.  i got to kangaroo with Nora for an hour or so today--much more enjoyable with her off the ventilator.  i hope i can hold Ryan soon.  Ryan is just over 4 pounds.  Nora is just under 4 pounds.


  1. Yay ! We really like boring days!!

    Our love and prayers for continued boring days for Ryan and Nora!
    Love, Nana and Grandpa Wayne

  2. great to hear that both kiddos are off the ventilator! that's a HUGE step in the right direction!! Funny how twins can "talk" to each other, even at such a young age. as for your question about fortifying the breastmilk... premie's intestines are very sensitive and sometimes it seems like they don't tolerate the increased caloric density. having said that, being a premie, you pretty much don't have any choice but to fortify at some point since they need the extra calories, calcium, phosphorus. here, we get the babies on full feeds of breastmilk, then fortify to 22cal/oz for at least 24 hours, then 24 cal/oz, and watch weight gain. sounds like they were fortified with human milk fortifier? another option would be fortifying breastmilk with Enfacare or Neosure, since you can't get HMF outside the hospital anyway. I'm so happy to hear that they're doing much better. Seems like they've turned the corner. I'm thinking about all of you and sending my love.

  3. Yay! Boring is so good after what you all have been through....Thank you God for boring! :)