Wednesday, March 25, 2009


(Sadie--if you are reading--i added a comment to your comment on the post below--thanks for your questions)
Ryan: still better.  started back on caffeine so that he might do better on his breathing. he pooped, which is good--if he does have some more bowel movements, he will be fed a tiny tiny bit to see how he tolerates it--this should happen sometime within the next few days. otherwise, we were told he'll be in the hospital for 3-4 months to tweak his feeds.  he'll be on long-term IV nutrition, at least to provide some of his total nutritional requirements.

Nora: i don't know.  they don't know.  now today, they're back to treating her for presumptive NEC. and a blood infection, that might be a contaminant and not a real bug causing her to be sick? and a pneumonia? maybe?  basically, they don't know.   she looked worse to us today again.  she's getting puffy from being septic, like Ryan, but not as bad as he was.  she's on an awful lot of oxygen.  the medical team says she looks better to them today.  i don't really agree.


  1. Hi Jessica and John,
    Just checking in to see how you all are doing. Is Nora's spinal fluid culture OK? It sounds like Ryan is improving one step at a time. We are all thinking about you. Hang in there.
    Judy Ivacko

  2. I found a good little article abstract that states "Neonates with NEC adapt rapidly to the loss of the ileocecal valve." It says that resection of the ileocecal valve is not associated with increased morbidity and mortality. Good news for Ryan maybe.