Saturday, March 14, 2009


I walked in this morning and the NP said nonchalantly "you can try nursing them each once today if you want....they won't do much but it's fine to try."  This was one of those moments I've been waiting for.  I was so excited (they'd previously told me it'd be another week and a half before we could attempt)--that seems like an affirmation that they're doing really well.  So we did nurse--both babies latched and nursed for a few seconds at a time--the RN was impressed with them nursing at only 31 weeks gestation.  This is also a big deal for me as I've been feeling pretty helpless with them being in intensive care and here's something that only mama can do, so it was a great pick-me-up after a rough day yesterday.

Additionally, they were moved into a quieter corner of the NICU today so that they can get more rest.  Previously they were basically inside the nurses station because they were the smallest babies in the NICU, but now they are stable and "just convalescing" so they are moved to a less acute bed.  that's more great news.

Weights are up, but again, not as much as we'd like.  They're supposed to gain an ounce every few days and they're not.  They are gaining though--still a hair under 3 lbs each--hopefully they'll hit that 3 lb mark by Monday when they get weighed again.

Here's the babes in their new duds....aren't they cute?

You can't really see Ryan's "Property of MOM forever" onesie, but it's super cute.  He was too comfy and sleepy to bother by the time we got the camera today.
Nora is so chilled out now--she really is not that same fussy baby that screamed bloody murder with the CPAP a couple weeks ago--she is still acting appropriately, not lethargic or anything, just crying a lot less.  I think she's way more comfortable without so many interventions and pokes all the time.

Thanks to our growing March for Babies team!!  Keep the add-ons coming and invite more people as well.  the more, the merrier.

Visitors Friday: Jaimie
Visitors Saturday: Steph, Auntie Joanie

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