Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ryan is very sick

update at 6pm: he perforated his intestines--he now has a tube stick out of his abdomen to deflate it since it was filling with air and preventing him from breathing (and preventing the ventilator from breathing for him). they want to transport him to the University hospital for monitoring and in case he needs surgery but he has to be more stable first. he has been thru so much today. he has lines in both arms, both legs and one in his head. he has been cultured and spinal tapped and poked more times than I can count. this is very scary. please keep praying for Ryan. Nora is doing well today.

morning post: Please pray for Ryan. He has necrotizing enterocolitis and is very sick. He's just now being put on a ventilator again. They are watching him closely.

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