Saturday, March 21, 2009


8pm: we met with one of the surgeons later in the afternoon.  we came away from that discussion feeling very deflated about Ryan's progress. very deflated.  they are not happy with how high his ventilator requirements are right now.   also, one of the parts of his large intestine that's still in looks dead--they don't know if it is for sure, but they're keeping an eye on it (it's the part that's sticking out of his belly right now)--he doesn't exactly have extra intestine right now and they are really hesitant to go in and resect even more.  They are trying to get the fluid off of him slowly--it's part of the inflammation and infection he is fighting...but the fluid is in his lungs, hopefully getting some of it off will help with his ventilator settings--so please pray he is strong and they can ease off on the ventilator a bit.  Also pray that he doesn't have any more dead bowel in there--we really hoped that they'd gotten it all out originally though we were warned that he may need multiple surgeries.  we really do not want him to have to endure more of this. he's been thru too much already.

1PM: Ryan looks better today to me. He is less puffy. It's looking more like the baby I knew a few days ago. He is moving more--his arms and legs and he's sucking the tubes in his mouth a bit, though he doesn't seem in pain--he hasn't opened his eyes yet and they don't really want him to--they really are keeping him pretty sedated so that he can rest and heal. They showed us his abdomen today where the surgical site is--it doesn't look as bad as I thought. I haven't talked to the surgical team yet today though.
We finally have some good news: they have ruled out NEC for Nora! Turns out that the area on the xray that they were concerned about from yesterday was probably stool--you'd think that in this day and age, they could discern healthy stool from deadly bacterial infection, but whatever. they are slowly restarting her milk today and I will try to nurse her once today. It's hard to celebrate this though, b/c Ryan was looking just fine on Tuesday night and early Wed morning before this all happened so suddenly, so it doesn't reassure me very much when they say she looks fine. I hope she starts pooping some healthy-looking poops, then I will start to let my guard down about her some.

8AM: I spoke to the nurses a few times overnight. They finally were able to get a PICC line in Ryan, so now they can draw his blood tests off his central line instead of poking him 100 times a day--this was the 4th attempt at that PICC line yesterday, so I'm glad that's over. The nurse said he needed more blood products overnight. He's still peeing, so that's good. His heartrate is down to a desirable level in the 160s -- it was over 200 the 24 hours after his surgery--so that is good.
I still don't have any new info on Nora. She's had 3 xrays since 3pm yesterday and I don't know the findings on any of them--we're not used to being left without info b/c at the other hospital, information was passed on to us very quickly, we had much more interaction with the lead physicians and it just seemed like communication was better. I know here at the U, there are more people and resources, but it's just a hard adjustment to make for us as parents. We are trying to get there early today and speak with the team when they are rounding. she was resting comfortably, still breathing without any help, when i called ths morning.

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  1. Jessica and John: This is Sam Bott's oldest sister, Caryn. I just want you to know that my family is praying for you and your family. And that I shared your story with our Sunday School class this morning and they are now praying for you. Always remember that no matter what-God is still God and He loves you and those precious babies. And though we can't all touch you, there are many people petitioning the throne of Heaven on your behalf. Love, Caryn