Saturday, March 7, 2009

Weekend Update

Still wonderfully boring--boring is good.
I didn't get a chance to talk to the neonatologist today, but in speaking with the nurse, all is well.  Both babies are still tolerating the increases in their tube feeds every day.  For the first time today, Ryan held a pacifier in his mouth for quite a while without forgetting to breathe--previously his heartrate would plummet every time he tried to suck the pacifier, so this is some progress.  I kangaroo'd with Ryan today--what a sweetie he is--he just cuddles right in and sleeps.  Every once in a while if I talk, he'll open his eyes and turn his head toward my voice.  Today, the plan was to not put on the CPAP, but instead to just watch him all day and see how he was doing--so, when I call the NICU tonight for my nightly report with the third shift nurse, I'll be able to see how he did--I don't want to push him before he's ready, but it's such a big step to get off that CPAP.  We're told by the respiratory therapist that even if he does get off the CPAP, he may tire out and need it periodically again (they told us the same thing when he came off the ventilator 2 weeks ago)--they'll just watch.  I think they tell us that so that we don't get too down if he does tire and need the CPAP again.

Nora slept the whole time i was there today, but John got to kangaroo with her when he was there later in the day-unfortunately he got fired from kangarooing as Nora started having 'events' during their time together--but not until they'd spent nearly 2 hours together, so that's still some good time with daddy.  She is now above her birth weight for the past few days (maybe I mentioned that in a previous post? i don't know).  By the way, who knew 'kangaroo' was a verb?

Thanks again everyone for your prayers--by all accounts the babies are doing as well as could possibly be expected for their gestational age--just 2 weeks ago, they were both on ventilators! As for me, I've had a few good days in a row after a string of bad days.  I know John is beat b/c he's back to work in the midst of all of this.  Caitlin needs more time with me, that is evident. so I'll need to work a bit harder to make that happen--she's a trooper though.

Visitors: Maria and Kevin visiting with the babies and John.  Nana visited with the babies and me.  (Big sister was coughing yesterday, so no visits from her for a few days at least)

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  1. Hello Mom and Dad! Phil just told me about the blog and it is super-exciting to hear the news from you. I have you and the babies on my thoughts as well and I will be following the progress from now on. I wish you, Ryan and Nora all the best.