Friday, March 6, 2009

Playing with a Full least our 3 year old is...

From Daddy:

Having a 3-year-old sometimes gives us all the laughs we need to distract us from our worries. Like when Jessica was still in the hospital, and she offered Caitlin a roll from Mom's food tray, and Caitlin nonchalantly said, "no, that looks terrible."

Well, when Jessica came home from the hospital she was pumping breast milk for the babies and Caitlin was extremely curious and asking mom about every little thing that she was doing. Moments later Caitlin asked me to go to the basement to get one of her baby bottles. I thought nothing of this because Caitlin is always taking care of her babies.  Later on, while I was doing the dishes and Jessica was on the phone, Jessica was snapping her fingers to get my attention and pointing to the corner of the family room. There was Caitlin, sitting on a chair with her shirt pulled up and two decks of cards on her chest with the bottle in her lap. Thankfully she only tried it with the cards and not the actual pump! Anyway, Caitlin's ensemble in the picture above is what happened when Uncle Dan allowed her to pick out her own outfit.

With Dad back at that not-so-interesting-thing-they call-work, Jessica is pulling double-duty on the kangaroo care. Here is a great picture of the three of them back together again for the first time since Nora and Ryan's birth.

In other news, both of them moved out of their first isolettes. Their new ones are for slightly more stable babies. They are now up to 8ccs of milk at each feeding and tomorrow will move up to ten, and they have outgrown their blood-pressure cuffs and moved on to the next size. Here is a picture of all the monitors the hospital uses to make sure each baby is safe. 
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And finally, Caitlin got to see her brother up close for the first time last night.

Thursday Visitors: Aunt Julie and Jaimie
Friday Visitors: Jaimie and Grandpa


  1. We are following each day to keep up with the news of Nora & Ryan.
    The photo of Jessica with the twins is so very beautiful, and heartwarming!
    We see the joy on Caitlin's face as she admires her baby brother!
    We send you love and smiles, and a rainbow of prayers to surround you
    with God's Blessings!

    Love&Hugs Grandma Joanie & Grandpa Buddy

  2. Dear Jessica,John,Caitlin,Ryan and Nora,

    You are constantly in our prayers!!

    Love, Nana and Grandpa Wayne