Thursday, March 26, 2009


Ryan is eating breastmilk and so far so good.  he is getting very tiny amounts--1 ml per hour via a pump.  He's so funny when he opens his eyes and looks around--he looks so suspicious of everything.  i guess i would be too if I'd been through what he's been through.  He has no other IVs other than his central line, which will stay in very long-term.  so he is looking pretty good.  he's comfortable and they are weaning him off his agitation and pain meds over the next few days. once he's off the ventilator, we can hold him-- i can't wait. oh, and he stopped needing his diuretics as well.

Nora, on the other hand--very uncomfortable and she is making it clear that she HATES that et tube in her mouth for the ventilator.  Now, today, they've added another antibiotic for pneumonia--she was on it two days ago and it was stopped, but now they think that she has pneumonia again--so we've got her being treated for a bloodstream infection, staph, with vancomycin, presumptive NEC with vancomycin and gentamicin and pneumonia with gentamicin and zosyn. ugh.  I did get to kangaroo with her today and during the 90 minutes I had  her, her oxygen requirements went down from 30% to 23% (they were 50% yesterday)--until she started wretching and gagging on the et tube--it all ended very abruptly and horribly and she was pretty pissed about it, but she ended up being OK.  I don't know if i'll be able to do that again until she is off the ventilator.  I'm just going to be praying that she can get off the vent really soon.  she is so so uncomfortable on it.  on a positive note--her oxygen requirements and ventilator settings are lower today than they were yesterday--her color is good again (she got more blood overnight)--and she is back to complaining a lot about her discomfort, so that is a good sign as far as I am concerned.

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  1. Ryan--I don't blame you for being suspicious, it sounds like you are more and more aware and quite a little fighter! Good for you! Keep it up Ryan! Soon, you will be off the ventilator and in your mommy and daddy's loving arms.
    Nora, you are moving in a postive direction with your decreased O2 requirements, especially when you get to be so close to your mommy. Don't you worry, you keep complaining and letting everyone know you're not happy--they are listening! You GO GIRL!
    Love you both--Sherry, Vin and Rawson