Monday, March 16, 2009

whoever said...

"don't cry over spilled milk"--was obviously not referring to human breastmilk.  I'll spare you the ugly details behind that comment.

Anyway, both babies are gaining--Ryan is 3lb 1 oz (was 2lb 15.4 ounces 2 days ago)--Nora is 2 lbs 15.5 ounces (was 2lbs 14.7 ounces 2 days ago)--they are both up to 28cc of milk every 3 hours and tolerating their feedings very well.  The neonatologist says this is a huge accomplishment--to get babies getting nutrition via their guts, pooping and peeing appropriately and gaining weight is such an important thing for preemies.

They are weaning down the flow of air into their noses now.  They started this morning and there were very few alarms today, so I think they did well.  Ryan is down to 1.5L/min of air via nasal cannula.  Nora is down to 0.75L/min of air via nasal cannula.  Nora had a little trouble maintaining her oxygen level while nursing today--she forgets to breathe.  Ryan decided he would rather sleep than nurse today, so we will try again tomorrow.

They are both still in little incubators called isolettes, but the temp inside the isolettes isdown to nearly room temp now as they are able to maintain their body temperatures better (it started out at body temp when they were first born)--so a few more fractions of a degree lower and they will be out in a regular crib, still bundled up all the time.

Visitors Sunday: Amy L, Wayne and Pat
Monday: Grandpa, Emily

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  1. i am so glad to hear about their weight gain and how they are doing. praise God!
    oh man, spilled b/m? I would cry! I had to dump out 75 ounces of unused expired b/m, after postponing it for 8 months. It's precious stuff!