Friday, March 20, 2009


2PM: They are one month old today. Here are the updates.
Nora: still breathing independently. Head ultrasound today was unremarkable--no PVL. we are so so glad. belly less full, which is good, but abdominal xray shows an "area concerning for NEC." (NEC = necrotizing enterocolitis, what Ryan has)--this is a new development and exactly what I've been fearing the most. They are continuing to hold her feeds and give her broad-spectrum antibiotics. Basically, they're treating her like she has NEC.
Ryan: is still fighting. he's starting to move his legs and toes some--I pray he isn't feeling pain associated with all of this (I think that's my biggest prayer right now, honestly, I don't want him hurting). Head ultrasound today showed no bleed and no PVL. He is still on lots of support to keep his blood pressure up. He's clotted off a few of the IV lines they had and they are having a hard time getting the IV access they need to get all his meds in him and get all his labs that he needs drawn. he got a few transfusions yesterday and overnight. They said he'd get worse before he gets better due to all the stress and injury from the infection and the surgery--he's definately worse, but the surgeons said he's not worse than they'd expect him to be.
Please pray as you are lead. thanks.


  1. Jessica & John: This Sam Bott's mom - Our family and church in Pensacola, FL, are praying for the five of you and those who are making decisions for Ryan and Nora. May you feel the very strong hand of God carrying all of you at this time. MercyMe sings, "What I've learned in my life, One thing stronger than my strife, Is His grasp. Hold on!"

  2. Continued prayers here and everywhere. I wish I could put my arms around you for a giant hug.