Monday, March 30, 2009


Ryan: tolerated his food well yesterday, so they increased it to 2 mL/hr today, but are concerned it's going thru him too quickly, so they will probably change some things tomorrow.  he is back to the cannula today and doing well.  I gave him a bath today, but couldn't kangaroo with him b/c the bath was enough excitement for the day--hopefully tomorrow.  best news--follow-up brain ultrasound today was normal! (NEC and the infection increased his chances of PVL, so they wanted to do another ultrasound about 2 weeks after he was diagnosed with NEC)--still no PVL, thankfully.  Here's our sweet boy:

Nora: now off the cannula.  was very alert today--posed for a few pictures since she was sporting some new clothes.  First, though, this is how I found her sleeping this morning--she's a bit of a diva, huh?

Caitlin: just to round out the crew...


  1. Oh Jessica! They are so beautiful and precious. They look very healthy.. I am so glad to hear they are doing well. Caitlyn is a cutie.. that is the first time I have seen a pic of her. Hope you are hanging in there and taking care of yourself. Prayers from France my friend!

  2. Wow! Ryan and Nora look so much bigger!! Caitlin is a doll!

    Thank you for posting the pictures. I can't wait to show Max and Ian. They have been praying for them every night.

    Hugs to you all.