Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Ryan is doing good things.  He is continuing to pick up his breathing and they are backing off on his diuretics b/c he's nearly back to his usual weight/size.  They are starting to give him opportunities without the ventilator assistance a couple times a day--he totally flunked his trial this morning.  he's a ways off from getting the ventilator tube out of his mouth, but he's moving in that direction.  they are starting to hear his gut wake up a little bit and gurgle, so that's a good sign as well.  
His eye exam yesterday was OK, not great.  some mild ROP--but the ophthalmologist says it's the type that often resolves on it's own--but he'll need follow-up, as do all preemies.  he advised me not to worry about it.  i won't.  i have too many other things to worry about.

Nora opened her eyes for me today finally.  She looks better, color-wise and was acting a bit more feisty today--kicking and showing she wasn't happy with how she was positioned.  She's still on the ventilator and is still acting sick, but overall i think better.  She does have an infection.  her blood cultures were positive for probably staph. but she's on the right antibiotics.  They aren't sure where the infection is coming from---lungs and gut are suspects. she is back to not getting her feeds in case the gut is the source of the infection. Her eye exam showed no evidence of ROP, but again, she'll still be following up with the eye doctor b/c she's a preemie.


  1. Hi. I'm a friend of Carrie Yuan, and found a link to this blog from her website. I'm a pediatrician that works in the NICU in Hawaii. I think it's always harder when the babies are doing so well and they have a setback. Looks like both kiddos were doing well on full feeds and nasal cannulas before the episode of NEC/perforation/resection for Ryan and staph sepsis/possible NEC for Nora. I was looking back at earlier blogs... do you know if their PDA's are still closed? It looked like they had been closed with indomethacin early on, but sometimes they can reopen and increase risk for NEC. What were the babies eating? Straight breastmilk? or fortified milk? premie formula? I'm so sorry to hear that they got sick. =( Just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking of all of you and praying for the speedy recovery of Ryan and Nora. Take care.

  2. Sadie: the PDAs were not rechecked--I will ask about that. thanks for your input. The babies were eating straight BM until the week prior and the fortifier was added to the milk--24 cal/ounce i think it was. what do you think about that?